My master’s thesis is now an app

Four years ago I handed in my master’s thesis entitled Piggy Bank – an app for making money suffice. As of today, it is no longer mere words and ideas on sheets of paper, but an actual thing on the App Store.

Made by Jyske Bank, it goes by the name Weekly. The goal of Weekly is to help you catch up with your spending and hopefully make life with money a little friendlier and less intimidating.

Master's thesis and app
After spending years in a desk drawer my master’s thesis has come to life on the App Store. Android version in the making.

In its essence, Weekly seeks to solve an age old problem, that has rarely been put into words more precisely than this:

Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?

John Barrymore

Tough question. The goal of Weekly is to help you not arrive at it in the first place. It does so in three simple ways:

  • Weeks
    A month is a long time when trying to make your money last. Maybe you’re only halfway through the month, but out of money. Weekly brings thing to a smaller scale. You set a weekly spending goal and now money only has to last until monday – not four weeks ahead.
  • Consequence
    What if you can’t live up to your weekly spending goal? Weekly will help you get back on track. Whatever money you overspend in one week, you will have less in the following week. If your spending gets way ahead of you, we’ll distribute your deficit a few weeks into the future, to ease your recovery. None of this will hit you as an unexpected surprise monday morning, Weekly continuously lets you know how much money is available for the weeks to come. We’re calling it the money forecast. It’s where you can tell if sunny days or lightning thunderstorms are ahead – financially.
  • Reward
    If you have any money left by week’s end it goes into Weekly’s virtual savings account (or piggy bank, hence the title of my thesis). Whatever money is in here, is up for you to grab and treat yourself – or your loved ones – a little something.
Weekly home screenWeekly money forecast
Weekly’s home screen (first image) tells you front and center how much money is left for the current week. Looking ahead the money forecast (second image) provides an overview of how much money you can spend in the weeks to come.

For now, Weekly is only available for clients at Jyske Bank. However, we are working hard to finish up a version, that will work for each and every one of you, regardless of whether your money is stored at another bank or under you pillow. So jump ahead to and sign up for an invite.

If you’re already a client with an iPhone, get yourself over to the App Store and treat yourself a new little app of yours. It’s all free.

I feel incredibly honored, that what was once just a university project, has now been turned into reality. This has of course only been possible with the enormous effort made by people at Jyske Bank – and the help I got from a lot of people while writing my master’s thesis. So Thank You!

I’m very excited to see how Weekly will turn out. Only time will tell.